• Do you feel your life is unravelling?
  • Has there been a crisis that you feel is pushing you over the edge?
  • Are you suffering from Anxiety?
  • Do you have a problem maintaining relationships?
  • Do you feel stuck?
  • Are you struggling with self esteem issues?
  • Would you like to talk through your problems with someone who can listen impartially without judging you?

You don't have to have a "Mental Illness" to benefit from therapy or counselling.

More and more people find it useful to meet with a counsellor/coach that accepts them the way they are and works with them to achieve their goals in life. After all, we get expert help with our finances, cars, jobs, but the one area most people seem to think they can be self-taught is their personal lives. Unfortunately it usually does not work. If our car breaks down do we try to fix it ourselves or do we go to a mechanic? We go to a mechanic and for obvious reasons.

Lifes Solutions Therapy address your personal needs. My therapeutic work is tailored to the needs of my clients. What sets me (Yvonne Gray) apart from many therapists is that I have done the work I expect you to do. I am not afraid to challenge methods of counselling for their effectiveness, and then implement different approaches if I believe they are more beneficial.

Respect, trust, empathy and being neutral are all key elements in my work. I am dedicated to helping you strive in your personal growth, inner balance and/or peace.

Free 20 Minute Consultation

It can be of enormous relief to most people to finally talk to someone who does not judge, who gives information instead of advice, and who will not be shocked or upset by anything you have to say.

My aim is for you not only to solve problems, but: "To live the life you want- Not the life others expected of you."

I am Yvonne Gray (RPC, CCPCPR, PT, LC) a Registered Professional Counsellor that provides counselling, therapy and coaching to children, youth and adults.

I am a professional member of the Canadian Professional Counsellors Association of Canada. www.cpca-rpc.ca, Canadian Collage of Professional Counsellors and Psychotherapist (CCPCPR) www.ccpcp.ca, Certified Life Coach, and Certified Persona Therapist.

As a Counsellor, Coach and Therapist my private practice "Lifes Solutions Therapy" is located in Surrey British Columbia. I offer Skype meetings as well. I offer the choice of being seen in your home (if you are infirm), at another venue or at my office.

If you are in need of such help and support please feel free to contact me here.